Bong VS. Joints.

BongVSJoint I tried out my new bong and I have to say that I actually prefer it over joints! At first I inhaled so deeply though I think I must have seared my lungs and it was alot stronger than I had expected and I almost burned my thumb on the lighter as I was lighting the “bud” but I liked that it didn’t leave that strong “after-taste” in my mouth afterwards like it does with the joints and no stink on my fingers either, and less stench in my room! I also liked the funny noise of the way the water bubbled in the bong and how you get a vapour and a suction and the big puff of smoke you get. This way my dealer also doesn’t have to go thru the trouble of rolling the joints for me anymore now,either; he can just give it to me in a baggie.(I know, I’m considerate that way) My oldest gave me some “pot” as an early birthday gift(to use in my new bong) as well. Isn’t he thoughtful? So, given a preference, I prefer the bong over joints even though both equally serve the same purpose in eliminating my migraines. I still can’t believe I actually DO this though; there used to be a time where I thought marijuana was REALLY BAD, like hard-core,akin to cocaine or heroin, but now see how main-stream it really is and beneficial medically.

As well, when the boys go over to the oldest’s friend’s house( the one who is also my dealer) my hubby says they’re taking part in “nefarious activities”(and I have also since discovered some of the kids do certain things I didn’t think they’ve done and it’s not really  that I’m disappointed, but rather shocked as I didn’t know them the way I thought I did)and the oldest said when he tried to get a taxi to the airport when he was coming here the cabbie was hesitant when he first saw him,too, and stepped back in fear, telling him he “thought he was ISIS”, saying he looked like a terrorist, wearing a hoodie and all black and having a bit of a beard!(What, did he think he had a bomb strapped to his chest, or something?) Going thru security at the airport they made him power up his laptop as well to make sure that it really WAS a laptop and not a bomb as it’s such an old decrepit piece of shit they didn’t believe that it was actually a computer!

The kids also went to the store and bought over 30$ worth of glow-sticks and had a “Rave” in the house, turning off all the lights and blaring Rave music, and I was saddended to hear my friend from grade 8’s brother( who is 5 YRS older than me) has cancer and he’s been thru chemo, radiation, stem-cell transplant and has had a heart attack and will be undergoing by-pass surgery. I remember back in the day having a crush on him when I was 15. The poor guy.