Marijuana Socks.

MarijuanaSocks The 17 YR old said when he was at the mall recently that he saw a pair of marijuana socks similar to the ones seen here and he almost got them for me for a Christmas gift but didn’t end up doing it, probably because my hubby was with him at the time, either that or they cost too much. In any case I thought it was nice of him and I LOVE them and decided that the next time I go to the store I’m just going to buy it myself and it cam be MY gift( it can be my birthday gift) to myself!

We also had our first real snow last night, 5- 8 cm or so; before that we’d just had one light “dusting” before but this was the first real measurable snowfall. The 21 YR old’s friend visiting from California is happy as she was hoping to see snow. We also got to try out the new snowblower but poor Buddy hated it; when I took him out for his walk he just stood there, frozen and motionless, like he was thinking, “What the hell happened?” and he refused to move! It took forever to get the poor dog to go to the bathroom!

I took down our Christmas tree as well, and the oldest and the 21 YR old got in trouble from my hubby during the night: they were smoking up and it stunk up the entire house and my hubby got really mad and was yelling at them in his mean angry and loud mad-dad voice how it “really reeks!” and he even had to open the front door and when I got up in the morning my mother even accused me, except it wasn’t me this time; I was in bed, fast asleep. Today the 21 YR old’s also sick and he’s been barfing all day and he had to call in work sick and now my mother’s worried he’ll get fired for taking so much sick time off, esp. over Christmas time.

I also wonder if my passing out and having seizures the other day had anything to do with the marijuana afterall, or if it was pure coincidence and would have happened anyway; that it was maybe due to a medical issue and it just happened at the same time I was “hitting” the bong and would have still happened regardless? I didn’t think weed was supposed to  make you react like that, so maybe it had nothing to even do with it? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see; see if it happens again when I smoke up, or if it still happens randomly even when I don’t…