Birthday Re-Cap.

HippoBDay2016 My birthday yesterday was ok but it just pretty much felt like any other day except I got cake. None of the kids bothered to make me cards this YR which was kind of disappointing as I always liked the thoughtfulness of home-made cards. I DID, however, get lots of birthday well-wishes and greetings from several of my Facebook friends which was nice and meant alot and I really appreciated. I got the ones from Europe and Asia the day before, at night, as with the difference in time it was already the next day, and some even sent me greetings with hippos on them knowing how much I love them!

BDayHippo For gifts the 12 YR old drew me this cute picture of a little sleeping baby hippo and I got a small box of chocolates from my mother. I never got anything from Patti( or for Christmas,either) but I know she doesn’t have much money,and my hubby never got me anything(just a card) but he took me out to eat at a Chinese buffet( he decided on) and I also went to the mall and was looking for either a hippo figurine or earrings and then I’d just give him the bill and that could be my gift but I never found anything I liked but I DID buy marijuana socks that I liked though. I also heard back from one of the medical marijuana clinics and I need a letter from my doctor confirming my diagnosis, a list from the pharmacy of all the meds I’m on, a copy of a gov’t ID, and fill out forms and then the consult is 200$ and if I “pass” I get my “license.”.Pretty soon with the new gov’t it will be legal country-wide anyway.

4Jan It was also bone-chilling cold out and and when I took Buddy out for his walks I was dressed like I was going on an Arctic expedition in my Canada Goose parka, sheepskin hat and mitts,and fur mukkluks. I was practically immobile under all the heavy thick layers of clothing. I also was trying to figure out what the plural form of “borborygmi” was but as it turns out that IS the plural form and the singular form is “borborygmus”. You learn something every day.