The Rocking Chair.

RockingChair This is our rocking chair that the 12 YR old had up in her bedroom ever since she was born. I remember when she was a baby I used to nurse her rocking in that chair in the middle of the night and it was so still and quiet, no one else was awake and I’d sit there and rock with her nestled in my arms, feeding, and I’d look out at the moonlight. It was my quiet, serene, peaceful time alone with her and with God. Now she’s doing this big room renovation and she’s cleared everything out, incl. the rocking chair and she was even going to THROW IT OUT! I couldn’t believe it! It’s such a beautiful chair; I mean, just look at the intricate engraving details on it!(not to mention the memories)

My mother was horrified at the thought of throwing it out( as am I) and she decided that she’d keep it in her bedroom now instead. I know how it feels though and I can emphasize with it; I feel rejected, tossed aside and unwanted just like that old rocking chair. No one likes or wants me either and I feel I’m just “taking up room” and everyone wants to throw me out. I even feel “sorry” for it; discarded, unloved, and thrown away.

My kindred spirit.

It saddens me as well that the 12 YR old just got rid of everything in her room; everything that made her her, everything that was personal; all the posters and stuff off her walls, all her stuffed toys,her hippos, all her furniture, her dresser( that I had refurnished before she was even born) her shelf, all her collectibles, etc. even her big Curious George that I got her in Hawaii. It’s almost as if she’s a different person now and is tossing out the “old” her and wants no traces of the “old” her left anymore. I know she’s growing up but you still think she’d keep SOME of her things!

I miss her.

She said she’s decorating her room( incl. repainting; she doesn’t want the walls pink anymore, even though we had a painter come and do it when she was a baby, and carpet) making it look like a hotel, trying to “recreate the best week of her life”(which was actually only 4 days) and I can understand trying to “relive” happy memories more than anybody but it worries me getting rid of all her stuff; I just hope she’s not depressed and altering her entire personality or something along the way WITH it….it’s so drastic!

My thought for the day:

I don’t know what I like more: good food, good weed, or a good f*ck.