Choose A Hippo….

HG1 For my belated birthday gift I found 4 hippo figurines online and copied the links and sent them to my hubby and told him to choose one and order it but not tell me which one . I left it up to him to pick so it will be a surprise. The one in the photo above is a silver and brass hippo from Russia.

HG2 This one is a marble/ ivory also from Russia.

HG3 This is a bejewelled  jewellery box.I already have a similar one in another pose.It lifts up at the top.

HG4 This one is a hippo head/bust by the artist Sandra Brue, who does the “Sandicast” sculptures.(I have a few of her Pug pieces.)

I wonder which one I’ll end up getting? I’ll have to wait and see….

I can hardly wait! At least I know I’ll like my gift! 🙂