“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupJan2016 Catching up on things:

  • I had to talk on the phone and with my Social Phobia I had a panic attack: my heart was racing and pounding, I was hyper-ventilating and I having trouble breathing.
  •  The van needed a repair; something with wiring for the trailer and they told my hubby it would cost 400$ but when he went to a store and got the part and did it himself it was only 18$! What a rip-off! How can they CHEAT people like that? Needless to say he won’t be going back there again.
  • My hubby said that hippos are UGLY! How could he? Now that’s grounds for divorce right there! I think that they are beautiful, magnificent creatures!!
  •  My hubby said when I die and have my ashes scattered on the beach in the Caribbean that it’ll be “littering”, so it’s like he’s saying I’m “garbage” when I just want to be laid to rest where I was happy and in a place that I love.
  • I need a letter from my family doctor confirming my diagnosis to apply for my medical marijuana license and of course the dumb-ass forgot to mention my migraines(which is the MAIN THING it helps!!) and he’s charging me 20$ for the letter so I told them to have him re-do it and then I had to go back again 2 days later and pick it up and he finally got it right. He’s screwed up everything and is so dumb all the time! I have NO idea how he graduated medical school!
  • I’ve had a few good bong “rips” since my bad “trip” that one time( going in and out of consciousness, seizuring,and hallucinating) recently  and I’ve been ok( I haven’t even gotten “high”) no more bad reactions so I wonder what it WAS? Did I just have too much perhaps, or was it a bad batch, or was it maybe “laced”, or something, or maybe even a medical episode and had nothing to even DO with the weed and it was just a coincidence?
  • I got my new credit card after my other one was hacked and I had to call to activate it and of course it didn’t work and my mother had to do it. Things NEVER work for ME!
  • My new diuretic doesn’t seem to be working; I haven’t lost any of the fluid I’m retaining,and I’ve even gained 4 pounds and I’m actually peeing less,too.
  • Buddy keeps farting loudly and he sounds like my farting hippo stuffed toy.
  • I have to pay 200$ for the video consult with the doctor to apply for my medical marijuana license/prescription and I told my hubby that HE should pay since it WAS his idea; HE was the one that wants me to go thru all this and get the licence; I was content with just buying it from the dealer, but he refuses. He’s all talk but no action when it comes right down to it, plus he’s also cheap.
  • My hubby bawled me out when he saw the year-end review from the pharmacy that I was on 26 medications last YR but he should just be grateful that(unlike me) that HE enjoys good health!
  • My mother  chewed me out when I forgot to turn off the heat in the play room and left it on all night but I told her that SHE’S one to “talk” when SHE always forgets things,TOO,and she replied that she’s 75 YRS old…but I started to “fall apart” when I was just 45 so she’s lucky that she “lasted” as long as she DID!
  • I have this dull, dragging, nagging pain in my lower back, right side, in my kidney area so I won’t be surprised if my MRI next week DOES show a tumour on my adrenal gland afterall….