My New Socks.

MySocks Check out my new socks I bought! Aren’t they just *awesome*? You’re only as “old” as you feel and I think it’s hilarious, and I plan to wear a pair this week when I get my MRI,too; it will give the technician a good chuckle to see them sticking out of the end of the machine, don’t ya think?

Speaking of marijuana, I am applying for my medical marijuana license at the insistence of my hubby, for some reason it bothers him that I do it now it’s

  1. illegal
  2. 2. It reeks.

For some strange reason he thinks once I get a prescription for it that it will no longer stink up everything; he’s under the impression it will come in a pill form….sorry to disappoint you but it still comes in the same dried “bud” form so I’m still going to have to take my trusty bong out to the shed and indulge in it there so no one else has to smell it. (They don’t call it “stink weed” for nothing!) I e-mailed in all the completed forms, a copy of a gov’t issue ID and list of my meds from the pharmacy, my letter from my family doctor confirming my diagnosis and a cheque for 200$ and once they get the cheque they’ll set up a video consult with their doctor and then it gets sent off to the gov’t but approval can takes 3 months. At first they asked me to do an e-transfer or something with the money but I have no idea what that even is and don’t do any banking online; I just do cheques and use my credit card; all that other stuff is waaaay too confusing for a simpleton like me.

I also checked into that grand mal seizure I had 2 weeks ago; where I thought it was a “bad trip” but now suspect may have been a medical episode instead and since then have had 2 mini episodes(when I wasn’t smoking weed); petit mal seizures; I didn’t lose consciousness those times or convulse, but rather  had that same weird “disconnected” feeling before it came on and then “zoned out” where I was staring off into space and was just sort of “spaced out” for a few seconds and then snapped out of it. I read it could also be caused by metabolic imbalances due to adrenal issues(like I have) incl. low sodium, where you have too much water and too little sodium and it creates an imbalance, and I AM retaining sooooo much fluid that even the heavy-duty diuretic isn’t able to get rid of so it could be that…..

I heard on the news as well Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” was finally re-captured after his jail escape and on the run for 6 months but you have to “admire” the guy and give him credit for his elaborate and successful escape plan though and for being able to successfully evade authorities for so long, and at least he DID get 6 months of freedom out of it so I bet he thought it was worth it.