David Bowie.

DavidBowie#1 I can’t believe it, but David Bowie has died. He was 69 and just died 2 days after his birthday. He had been battling cancer for the past 18 months. I’ve always liked him and I remember I got my first David Bowie album when I was 12 YRS old and have loved his music ever since.

DavidBowie#2 He was not only talented, but versatile as he was adept at always changing his persona,and appealed to misfits and outcasts everywhere, and letting them know that it was ok to be different. “Ashes To Ashes” and “Fame” are my 2 fave. Bowie songs but there actually isn’t any of his songs that I DON’T like. My hubby said he never had ANY of his songs which is hard to believe since *EVERYONE* likes David Bowie….but then again he hates Queen,too, so there must just be something inherently wrong with him.

DavidBowie#3 I can still remember one time when I was 16 calling in to the radio DJ and requesting they play “Modern Love” and dedicating it to a boy I liked….and I even stayed up all night waiting and listening….and they never even played it. It figures. David Bowie was a legend, and legends live on, him thru his music. He will not be forgotten but he will be missed.

As well, the 14 and 17 YR olds told me that I’m a “terrible mother” and he also said I’m a “sociopathic bitch” and did a “horrible job parenting” and I’m just….gutted. I’d prayed to God for a sign what I should do about my miserable life and they have made it totally clear that they hate me, don’t want me around, and would be better off without me.

I can go to sleep sad, shattered, hated, unwanted,and unloved(and for the very LAST time!) but wake up in a place where I’m welcomed, loved, happy, and forgiven.

” Look up here, I’m in Heaven. I’ve got scars that can’t be seen.”- David Bowie, “Lazarus.”