MRI I had my MRI done yesterday. This time I had to change into one of those oh-so-“fashionable” hospital gowns and could just keep on my underwear and socks( and, yes, I DID wear a pair of my new marijuana socks, hee,hee!) and it’s a good thing since “Aunt Flow” decided to show up( and over a week EARLY,too!) having a habit of always coming at the worst possible time, so now it’ll show up on the scan my tampon stuck up my yoo-hoo with the string hanging out! How GROSS is THAT?

This scan only took 20 minutes but for part of it I had to hold my breath which is hard for me with my breathing problem as I can’t hold my breath for long. This time my chest and arms were strapped down and it’s so narrow in there it must be what being in a coffin is like and I can’t imagine how claustrophobic people could possibly handle it! I did one small little fart in there too but luckily it was a silent one so hopefully they didn’t notice, and luckily it didn’t smell, otherwise I’d be trapped in this metal tube with the stench!

I think it burnt my lower back as well as during the scan it felt really warm and burning ,sort of like when you have a sunburn,and they said it was because I was laying right over the camera, and even now it still stings. They wouldn’t tell me any results, of course, whether they found an adrenal tumour or not, and said my doctor should get the results in about a week.

When I registered I  also had to sign in using this stupid computer touch-screen thing like at the airport getting your boarding pass which, of course, never works for me and I always have to end up finding an employee there to come help me with it and the same thing happened here….somehow I ended up shutting the entire stupid thing down….these things NEVER work for me and are soooo confusing! WHY do they always have to make everything so complicated all the time?

Life is hard when you’re stupid.