Look What We Caught!!

Rat Look what we caught! A HUGE RAT!!!! This is what we caught in a trap in the basement that my hubby *thought* was a groundhog, ha, ha! The sucker is huge, almost as big as Buddy! I guess it must have come inside from outside when someone left the door open! It’s definitely the biggest rat I have ever seen, even bigger than a squirrel!It reminds me of those big sewer rats in NYC that you see in the movies. Anyways, we caught it in this trap and then my hubby drove it out somewhere far away and released it so hopefully it won’t come back. Poor Buddy kept whimpering and whining and was just going INSANE, trying to get at it,and we caught a mouse in the kitchen,too, near the washing machine where he’s always sniffing around, so I guess he knew it was there all along.

The 17 YR old also said his Accutane(acne pills) makes his joints all stiff and sore and it feels like he has arthritis and he feels like an old man so now he knows how *I* feel ALL the time with MY knees and neck and has a little preview of what it’ll be like for him in a few more decades,and I figured out why “Aunt Flow” came a week early for me,too: MY new diuretic( Spironolactone) is ALSO a hormone, so I guess it messes up my cycle…great…just…great…ugh!

My hubby gave me a “Culture test” as well, trying to “prove” that I’m not cultured, but he didn’t mark it fairly, like said I DON’T like or go to the theatre or ballet even though I DID used to go regularly when I lived in the city and had access to it( and my friend and I even had season tickets) but there’s no OPPORTUNITY for any culture here in small town “Bumble-F*ck”, so that doesn’t “count”….so he scored it wrong and then taunts that I’m NOT cultured and that I’m just a “Cultured wannabe”…. he can’t even give me that and won’t even “allow” me to have that, and he’s always trying to embarrass me and make me look and feel stupid. He’s such an asshole.

Rat2 Here’s another photo of Mr. Rat-Face for you. He IS a cute little bugger….