Sleep Waking.


Stunned#3 On those 2 times I was “Trippin’ out” on weed I had this sensation that was in-between asleep and awake that I call “Sleep waking”, Yes, I spelled that right; it’s not “sleep WALKING” but “sleep WAKING”; I was hovering on the edge of consciousness and mid-consciousness; between dreaming and awake,unable to move, not quite asleep yet not quite awake. It was a really weird and strange sensation as I was aware what was going on and what I was seeing, the odd sensations I was feeling and the hallucinations I was seeing yet at the same time I wasn’t able to tell if it was real or not and if it was actually happening or not or if I was just dreaming,and then I’d “feel” this odd “vibration” as I’d switch back again to my “normal” self and come “out” of it and then I’d be fully aware that I was back, like coming “back” into my body, until it would return and I’d “leave” again. It was almost as if there were “two” of me and one was observing the other from a near distance and the “two” would separate, inter-sect, and then mesh together again. It was the oddest thing! Sleep waking.

As well, my mother and hubby were mad at me that I posted about the rat on my blog yesterday “after she told me NOT to and I still did anyway” but I DON’T have to do what SHE says; I’m NOT one of the kids( even though they TREAT me like I am!!) and I saw a commercial on TV: “Skip the kids and move abroad….” and that should have been me but hindsight is everything,and now the entire season of my fave. show is ended so what am I supposed to do with my life now? I also like this quote from Winston Churchill that I came across: “If you’re going through hell keep going.”

My hubby also threw a cup from a fast-food place out the window of the van as we were going along the highway( he’s such a pig) and it could have bounced off someone’s windshield behind us and caused an accident or something! It’s dangerous and too bad the cops weren’t there to see it; that would have served him right! He’s always doing stupid things like that while driving and when I tell him off he yells at ME and tells ME to shut up!