The Paper Route.

PaperRoute The 12 and 14 YR olds were looking for ways to earn money and they thought of shovelling snow, panhandling, selling their used video games, etc. but finally came up with a paper route so they looked into it more and found a route where they have 70 flyers to deliver once a week, on Thursdays and they have to have them delivered by 5:30 pm. They have a specific route that they have to take that covers a few blocks and the flyers will be dropped off here at the house every Thursday morning and they were given a bundle-buggy to transport them. A lady came over for their first job interview and she explained what was expected and they’ll make 10$ a week which they divide in half so they each get 5$. I personally don’t think it’s worth it and think they’d make more shovelling snow,plus I think on days after a snowfall and the streets haven’t been plowed how are they going to get the bundle-buggy thru? What happens as well if they both happen to be sick or away(such as at camp in the summer) on a Thursday, what then?It will be interesting to see how it goes and how long it lasts….

As well, with the low Dollar the cost of food has also gone waaay up, esp. fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, for example celery costs 4.00$(sometimes more) and a head of cauliflower 7.00$ so needless to say we’re NOT buying fresh produce anymore, and the medical marijuana clinic sent me a bill for the 200$ too even though I sent them a cheque 2 weeks ago so now I’m worried that it got lost or stolen in the mail….but is it possible for someone else(other than who it’s addressed to) to be able to cash it in? I hope not, 200$ is ALOT of $$$$$ for me….

I also have a friend in Brazil who’s 45 and she’s 5 months’ prego but she said she’s only going to keep the baby if it’s a boy; she won’t raise a girl; she doesn’t believe in abortion but she already has a 25 YR old daughter that hates her(due to her bipolar disorder; she blames her and hates her for it just like how MY family does to me) and is afraid that another girl would be the same so she said if it’s a girl she’s going to give it away to another family and is only going to keep it if it’s a boy which I find to be sad; the poor baby.