First Day Of Work.

NewspaperRoute Yesterday the 12 and 14 YR olds had their first day on the job and started their new paper route!  They had 70 flyers to deliver (which were dropped off at our house on the veranda before 6 am wrapped up in big plastic bags)and they brought the bundle buggy and a big satchel to deliver them in and my hubby went over the route the day before so that they’d be familiar with the streets…..yet…they STILL got lost and phoned him to come and “rescue” them, so he had to go find them and get them re-directed. They took 2 HRS in total to get it all done but the first HR was spent getting lost, so hopefully in time once they get used to where they’re going it won’t take as long. The 21 YR old laughed that they’re being exploited as child labour, being paid below minimum wage, ha,ha!

As well, I also have cramps, diarrhrea, and an unsettled stomach, and it’s been a week so my doctor should be getting my MRI results anytime now and if I DO have an adrenal tumour afterall I’ll be hearing from him soon which I expect I WILL, and something funny,too: one time when I was “high” I was petting Buddy but I couldn’t tell which direction his fur was growing( and he hates being rubbed the “wrong” way) as it felt the same both directions so I reasoned that if I could find his head and distinguish it from his behind then I could “calculate” which end was which and therefore figure out which direction his fur was growing, so I did and was then able to pet him in the right direction. I also mentioned to my friend in Singapore how food cost so much here and she said she thought it was expensive there but now sees how much worse it is here and says she has a saying “You can always eat grass” and I told her that “grass”( that is, marijuana “grass”)  actually costs LESS than FOOD here!! Pretty soon we’ll be like those people in Syria that are starving and have resorted to eating cats and boiling leaves to survive!