The Jacket.

Jacket This is the new jacket we got the 8 YR old and it was such a great deal! He needed a new winter coat as he’d outgrown his old one and there weren’t any others handed down from the older boys that fit( too big an age gap in-between him and the next oldest boy: 10 YRS!) so he needed a new one. We ended up finding this Columbia ski jacket we found at Sport Chek….on sale,and it was as if it was meant for him, and just waiting for him, everything was aligned just perfectly and fit into place, as if God had it all arranged( I don’t believe in “coincidences”) only ONE at that price, in his exact size and in his fave. colour! It WAS originally 130$ then they had them reduced by 30% but this one had been marked down to 80$ but less than an HR before it had just been returned to the store as used: a boy bought it and had worn it skiing once and his mother said it didn’t fit right so they returned it and so it was reduced  down to just 25$ so we bought it! Can you *BELIEVE* it? We’d have to pay at least that at Wal-Mart and this is a GOOD QUALITY brand ski jacket,too! I just LOVE a good sale, esp. now that we’re “broke!”God provides!!

As well, my hubby’s away at a cards tournament out of town all this weekend, some of my cousins are going to Cuba for a week( I’m so jealous!) and the Eastern USA is getting hammered with a monster blizzard(“Snowmageddon”) the worst they’ve had since the 1920’s with 60-90 cm of snow(that’s a shit-load of snow!!) which is as much as they’d normally get ALL WINTER and of course they’re blaming the cold air from CANADA but we’re lucky this time and dodging it, or at least that’s what the weather forecasts say…

I also wonder with my queasy stomach( so unsettled last night I had to sleep on my side) cramps, diarrhrea and pain on my right side if it might even be my appendix and maybe it’s like with my hubby’s brother’s wife who’s appendix had a slow leak(due to rupture) over time and it was only discovered on the MRI? Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling so lousy lately? A blog I read the mother’s 47 and she just had her 12th baby,too, her second with Down Syndrome, and I can’t even *IMAGINE* having another baby at MY age(I’m 49) now; I just don’t have the patience, the stamina, the endurance, or anything else for that anymore; I guess that’s why generally we have kids when we’re younger, in our 20’s and 30’s!I DID have my youngest when I was 40 though!