I Still Remember…..

JeanNate How is it that I can forget what I just went into a room for, or what I just ate for lunch that same day, yet I CAN still remember things from my childhood in the 70’s and teen YRS in the 80’s? Even some of the most strangest, most random things I can still clearly remember, such as:

  • Jean Nate bath and body products
  • Climbing snow banks as a kid and pretending I was mountain climbing
  • Staying in the cinema and watching “Grease” twice in a row
  • Going to the roller rink with my friend D.
  • Reading a story called, “La Chinoise Blonde” in French class
  • Getting caught in a summer hail storm at the cottage when I was around 4 or 5
  • Mucking around in clay at the bottom of the creek at the cottage
  • Catching a frog at camp and falling into the pond and getting soaked
  • Eating an ant for 25 cents after a boy dared me to
  • Sticking pins thru the ends of my fingers at school to impress the boys

Back -Riding in the back of my Uncle’s station wagon with my cousins and laying down with the sleeping bags at the back and waving at and making faces at the other drivers in the cars behind us

  • Stuffing my bathingsuit top with Kleenex to make “boobs” and once it got wet in the pool all the Kleenex all got soggy and fell out.
  • My crazy potato diets
  • My funky overalls I bought in L.A with all the pockets and zippers on them
  • That awful perm where I ended up looking like an electrocuted Poodle
  • Climbing out the classroom window and sitting on the roof at lunch
  • Doing cartwheels on the lawn
  • Dancing in the rain in my bathingsuit
  • Making flowers out of tissue paper
  • The knitted sweaters my grandmother made me
  • The funny nick-names I gave my teachers
  • The claw-foot tub we used to have at our old house in Toronto
  • Caravan festival
  • My beanbag chairs
  • My psycho hamster that escaped from it’s cage and got stuck in the vent and died and stunk up the house for months
  • In grade 6 the time when Dylan put a dog turd in John’s desk at school.