The Mystery Of The Necklace.

HippoNecklace This hippo necklace arrived in the mail from Hong Kong, only no one could remember ordering it so it was a mystery where it came from and then I started to get worried: I was afraid that the hippo figurine that my hubby ordered off eBay for my late birthday gift from Russia had somehow been switched with this cheap-looking trinket that looked like it came out of a vending machine,and that we got ripped-off; that they sent us the wrong thing; a 5$ necklace instead of a 40$ figurine…..and then I got REALLY MAD….and I was cursing eBay for ripping us off and swore to never use it again….so my hubby went and checked the order and it said it was still on it’s way and due to arrive between the 28th and 5th of Feb. and that HE had actually *ordered* the necklace HIMSELF but had forgotten about it; he had remembered how I was looking all over for a hippo necklace but couldn’t find one and he saw this online and got it but then forgot all about it! Mystery solved!Whew! So we weren’t scammed afterall!

I also had my blood work done to have potassium and kidney function checked and it was all normal and I was dizzy when I woke up and fell down and landed on my back, hitting stuff on the way down and I was holding Buddy too but never dropped him; I held on tight so I wasn’t able to “catch” myself so I went down hard(but he was ok) and now I’m sore and hurt all over, and Patti’s in the hospital; she went off Prednisone and switched to Celebrex but then her rhumatoid arthritis came back really bad and she was dehydrated and got a rash all over,and still no MRI results for me yet,either,  and I hope that I DO have an adrenal tumour as opposed to the adrenals just being over-active as at least with the tumour once they remove it then all the issues will go away and it’s all over and done with for good, but if over-active, I’ll have to be on the medication for LIFE!

I’m helping the 21 YR old fill out his passport application as well ( his old one expired so he has to get a new one as he’s going to visit his friend in California in the summer) and he’s having trouble with it and he always has to make everything harder than it has to be and he even asked me how to spell “Ottawa!”….geez….and our hydro bill this month was an extra 150$ more than we had budgeted for it so now can’t use the heater during the night anymore(to save $$$) so have to just freeze from now on, and my mother’s friend has pneumonia and her husband has lung cancer,too, but he cheated on her so it’s just karma coming to bite him in the ass!