How About I Be Me?

HippoMirror Singer Sinead O’Connor has a song titled, “How About I Be Me” and in it she says “How about I be me and you be you?” and I thought about that the other day when I was thinking about people are always trying to “hide” who they really are to other people, how they’re always pretending to be something they’re not and telling others what they think they want to hear,and how other people are always trying to change you instead of just accepting you as you really are. Wouldn’t life just be much easier for everybody if we all just accepted both ourselves and eachother as we really and truly are instead of playing games?

I can remember a time when I was in my 20’s and my mother made this off-hand comment about how she “thought ‘more’ of me when I was thin than when I was fat” and I never forgot it. When I was 21 I was also madly attracted to a guy( he was such a “hunk” he looked like James Dean! )that liked me as a friend but he always kept criticizing me and trying to change me, by always telling me I should “fix myself up” and trying to set me up with his friends,and that I should “be more feminine” but then another friend remarked, “But that wouldn’t be you” and he was right. I also found myself trying to please him by doing or saying things that I thought he’d like and that he wanted to hear to impress him so that he’d like me but it didn’t work anyway and it was demeaning and humiliating and it wasn’t really me and it felt deceptive and I was betraying myself as well.

I tried to convince myself as well that I’m now no longer that pathetic geeky loser that was bullied in Jr. High; that I’m not that same girl anymore, that I’m not her….but then I realized that I still AM……but that there’s also nothing’s WRONG with that…..the fault lays with the bullies….that’s ME and there’s NOTHING WRONG with being me! I’m the way God MADE me and intended me to BE, “warts” and all, and God doesn’t make junk and He doesn’t make mistakes.God LOVES me! I am “Fearfully and wonderfully made”. Even though I have a myriad of issues(and my family blames me and hates me for) it’s a part of me and who I am and what makes me, me,and I SHOULDN’T have to “apologize” for that, or be made to feel guilty, ashamed, have to hide it, or pretend to be something else.If other people don’t like it or can’t deal with it then that’s their problem and they can just kiss my ass.

Sinead has it right: How about I be me and you be you? Everyone should just be themselves!

As well, I heard a funny new insult: “F*ckwhistle”…..gotta love it….it’s up there with “Twat waffle”, and my mother said for my medical marijuana I should get it in pill form but that’ll take all the “fun” out of it and it’s to help my migraines but why NOT *enjoy* it,TOO? Why can’t I have BOTH? That’s like telling someone when having sex with their husband “DON’T have an orgasm; you have to DO it…..but DON’T enjoy it!!!”…..Duh!