The Marijuana Clinic.




HighHippo2 Yesterday I had an app’t at the medical marijuana clinic to have my consult with a doctor about getting my prescription and so I can apply for my license. So I get there….but then they tell me that they have no booking for me, that no app’t had been written down for me for that day even though they’d phoned last week and we’d arranged it. Doesn’t it figure with MY “luck?” So they re-booked for next week so hopefully then  it’ll actually get done,and even then it takes something like 3 months to get approved, if I even do, although I should with all my ailments.

When I walked in it smelled like weed and I was tempted to ask if they have any free samples but I didn’t have the nerve. The guy at the desk was obviously stoned and out of focus as when I was trying to confirm that I did indeed come on the right day and that *I* didn’t screw up and I asked, It IS the correct day , he goes, “Ummmm….aaahhhh, yeah….that’s the day!” he wasn’t sure which day of the week it was at first,and when a woman asked him if he had a bathroom he goes, “Yeah, of course I have a bathroom! Don’t you? Doesn’t everyone have a bathroom?” and then something “clicked” and he “got” it and goes, “Oh! You want to USE my bathroom? Oh yeah, sure!”I also spent the time waiting for my hubby to come pick me up by reading a Bob Marley book they had on the table.

I also over-heard as another guy emerged from a back room following his consult and the guy was explaining to him how he has 2 different strains; one for his pain and another to help him sleep, and that one is to be eaten( baked in food and consumed) and the other to be smoked, and that one will give him the euphoria and the other won’t, but not to mix them up as he’ll need to be able to function during the day.  One apparantly had the part that makes you “stoned” removed from it but that sort of takes away the “fun”, don’t ya think?

Buddy84 Here’s also a funny picture I got of Buddy on my iPod: he had crawled into a jacket and got himself stuck in one of the sleeves and I had to rescue him!

It’s also been 2 weeks since my MRI and no news so I guess I don’t have an adrenal tumour afterall,, but rather just enlarged and over-active adrenal glands causing my symptoms, which sucks as that means I’ll be stuck with it(and on meds) for LIFE and the pain in my lower back on the right side is getting worse lately,too. Ugh.

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