My New Hippo.

VDayHippo Here is the new gigantic hippo I bought! It’s purple and has hearts on it’s feet for Valentine’s Day! It’s really BIG,too, almost as big as the 8 YR old! There was only ONE of them at the store so I just HAD to buy it even though it cost 30$…..I just *didn’t* tell my mother(I snuck it up into my room and she doesn’t read my blog so she’ll never know….shit…I’m 49 YRS old and I STILL have to hide things from my mother!!) but you know, it’s a HIPPO(so it goes without saying!) and besides, sometimes you just have to indulge yourself, right?

NewHippos(new) Here it is beside one I got awhile ago that’s the same size, only in pink. I remember I got that one at Wal-Mart although I don’t remember what I paid for it. I named them “Pinky” and “Violet”. Yes….I DO give my stuffed toys names! (I’m “mental” like that!!)

I also got my fave. priest yesterday in church so I went to Confession and as I confessed my suicide attempt he said that he’s suffered from depression too and can sympathize and that he’s been praying for me, and that I survived swallowing over 40 morphine pills without dying or ending up brain damaged is a miracle and that God saved me for a purpose and has a plan for my life. We also had our throats blessed in honour of St. Blaise’s upcoming Feast Day and the Rich Lady was there as well(I hadn’t seen her in awhile) and she was dressed as classy as ever and I bet she flies First Class!(I wish I was her.)

I was shocked and saddened as well to hear another of my Facebook friends died suddenly and unexpectantly; she lived in the UK and was 57 YRS old. She’d had surgery 3 weeks ago and was also battling depression so it will be interesting to see what the coroner’s report says is the cause of death and she’s my fourth Facebook friend that’s died now! The 14 YR old also entered a contest at Subway and won a free sub,  and I saw an American commercial on TV and they advertised the dog food we get only there it was only 70 cents a tin and here WE pay close to 3.00$ a tin, as always getting over-charged and ripped-off for everything,and a magazine subscription they’re charged only 67 cents an issue and here I pay 5.99$ an issue!

The worse thing I ever heard that ISIS did as well: I read a news article: they were starving a Yazidi woman for days and then finally gave her a feast to eat, incl. with lots of meat and after she had eaten it they finally told her what it was: it was her 3 YR old son that she had eaten that they had killed! I can’t think of anything worse, more evil, or more inhuman! I swear, they MUST be the Anti-Christ…..