ER Run.

ER Last night the 12 YR old was crying that she “couldn’t breathe”(her chest also hurt and she had to suck in deep breaths and was “wheezy” and it felt like “squeezing” on her lungs) and she was crying and looked really scared so off to the ER we went. It was her first time even going to the hospital other than when she was born and she was the last “hold-out” of all the kids; the only one that hadn’t gone so far! It was crowded, at least 12 people before us and we had to wait for 4 1/2 HRS. I hate to think how long it would be if she DIDN’T have trouble *BREATHING!* As it turned out the doctor said it’s either early onset asthma or a similar respiratory problem that comes and goes and is triggered by a virus( she’s just getting over a bad cough) or allergies, or could be the beginning of viral bronchitis, and he prescribed an inhaler/puffer for her. It looks like she must have “inherited” my breathing problems now,too! The poor kid was scared too and she looked like a scared timid, lost , abandoned little bird, worried about what they would “do” to her even though I tried my best to reassure her and explain everything to her, and I had to remind myself that not everyone is used to the hospital setting and procedures like I am. The nurse there even asked if she smoked and I was incredulous and thought sarcastically, “Oh, yeah, 3 packs a day!” Sheesh!!

There was a kid in the waiting room with the SAME rare name as the 17 YR old as well, and a woman who was showing off her new arm tattoo to another woman who was admiring it and she said it cost 400$, and there was a 13 month old baby and his mother said he was born really premature, at just 24 weeks, and a teen girl who was there with a bloody mouth and teeth knocked out from a hockey stick as it was sports day at school and some people said that they had  already been waiting there for 6 HRS! It’s always interesting to watch, observe,and listen to the other people there and to try and guess what they’re in for! There was a woman as well who liked my hair and asked me where I get it done as she’s looking for a new hairdresser and when I told her that I do it myself she said, in surprise, “No WAY? Are you KIDDING me?” She also offered me the use of her cell phone to call my hubby to come pick us up when we were done( I used a pay phone) but I wouldn’t know how to use it anyway, and would only end up looking dumb and have to ask her to dial the number for me.

As well, the hot water tap in the bath tub is broken and now every time you need to turn it on you have to use the screw driver, my hubby put the house insurance on my mother’s credit card but did it for her online( and she didn’t send a cheque like she usually does) as she wanted the airmiles but she doesn’t know how to use computers…..except he screwed it up and instead of doing 2400$ he put 24000$ and the balance is due in 2 weeks and she doesn’t even have the $$$$ to pay the MINIMUM amount or the interest so she spent all day on the phone(in tears!) back and forth trying to get it all straightened out and after all that he still never even apologized and was more defensive than anything even though it WAS *his* fault! THAT’S why she DOESN’T “trust” computers,and see, you just add ONE more zero and look at the difference (and all the trouble!) it makes!!

I also think that smoking pot HAS to be the “coolest” thing that I’ve ever done, probably because I don’t think I’ve really ever done anything else that would even be considered remotely “cool”,(my mother says I’m a “late bloomer”) and sometimes I get “high” and sometimes I don’t; I see it kind of like sex; sometimes you “win” and it “works” and you get an orgasm, and other times you don’t; it’s kind of like that for me when I smoke weed. When I DO get “high” though it starts with a “warmth” that starts in either my feet or lower back that spreads upwards all over, and  I always see everything in 3-D; it’s like when you go to the cinema and watch a 3-D movie with those special 3-D glasses, and everything also “expands”, and I hear music distinctly “separately” in each ear,too, like how you hear it separately on the left and right speaker of a sound system, and sometimes I can see the walls “breathing” in and out,too.