Romance With Valentine’s Day this month I was thinking about things that I think are romantic and what I think the “Perfect date” would be. Of course, I’ve never experienced any of it personally, only in my dreams and fantasies! I think the “perfect” date doesn’t generally even have to cost alot of $$$$(although the odd restaurant, concert,movie, or trip IS nice,too), such as a sunset walk along the beach, skinny-dipping in the lake, a picnic in a field of wildflowers, a walk in the woods, horseback riding,going to a carnival/fair, cooking a home-made meal/candle-lit dinner,watching a movie curled up on the couch sharing a big bowl of popcorn, going out for ice cream, etc.

As for romantic gestures, I would like it if I was left little “love notes” hidden around the house for no particular reason, or if he saw a hippo collectible and he picked it up for me just because he knows I love hippos, or he picks me a bunch of fresh flowers just to show me that he was thinking of me, or an unexpected phone call just to say “I love you”, things like that, little things that show he’s thoughtful and is thinking of you,and that he cares. Other acts of kindness are romantic and show love as well such as when I’m sick if he’d bring me soup or help me wash my hair after I’ve had surgery. Are there even any guys OUT there that ARE loving, kind, and thoughtful LIKE that? Do they even actually EXIST? If only I could have met one and he could have loved me….sigh…

My hubby also yelled at me as it’s been 2 days and he still hasn’t picked up the 12 YR old’s inhaler prescribed from the pharmacy( and she sort of NEEDS it to BREATHE!) saying he doesn’t have the time and I told him it’s important and he has to MAKE time and he rips into me, “Why don’t YOU get a job and a LIFE and then YOU’D know what it’s LIKE!” but I can’t go get it as I don’t drive and I can’t walk that far! It disgusts him as well that I smoke pot( even though it helps my migraines) and he’s always putting me down for it and making derogatory remarks and calls me a “Pothead” but he’s *always* hated me and belittled me; this is just something he can use against me now as an “excuse” to degrade me even more,and when I *REALLY* THINK about how he treats me, everything he’s done to me, how hateful, vengeful,and vindictive he really is( remember when he threatened to “destroy” me? It wasn’t the first time he’s said that,either) how I wish I never met him, regret marrying him, how he’s ruined my life,and wish I could go back and “re-do” my life I get really mad at him and really hate him!!!

It was also a balmy 10 C yesterday, like spring, and usually it’s below 0 C and it was raining too and now most of the snow is all gone, and the 17 YR old’s got my mother and I to watch “Breaking Bad”(the older kids have all seen it and my hubby was obsessed with it!) now,too, and I always seem to do that; watch a TV show YRS after it ends and then watch a few episodes a day over a period of months until I watch the entire thing!

SexyHippo They said I could be anything so I became a hippo….