Happy 18!

BDayUnicorn Today one of the kids turns 18! He’s a newly-minted adult! Yesterday he kissed his childhood goodbye and today is the first day of the rest of his adult life.(The photo I put with this post is an inside joke so others probably likely won’t “get” it, so if you’re shaking your head going, “Whaaat?” don’t worry about it) so yesterday was his last day as a “kid”( well, teen, technically) and today he’s a man! There were many times that I didn’t think he’d make it this far,and his birth was definitely the scariest of them all and fraught with the most risk, danger, worry, and fear. It was very perilous.

His first near-miss was when I was 10 weeks prego with him and I had this massive hemmoraging so bad I even soaked thru my mattress(and the bleeding went on and off for another 10 weeks until it stopped until it resumed again at 35 weeks along with a huge blood clot the size of a cantaloupe melon but I’ll get to that story soon) and there was only a 50% chance he’d survive and the doctor put me on strict bed rest for a week; I was only allowed to get up for bathroom breaks and this was no easy feat with 6 other small children at the time! He pulled thru, however, but then was born  5 weeks premature and wasn’t breathing at birth and flopped out blue and had to be revived,and he spent a week in the NICU where he still had several episodes where his heart rate would drop and he’d stop breathing. I was so scared he would die that I had him baptized at just a day old in the NICU.

Then at 7 YRS old he had leukemia and endured 2 1/2 YRS of treatment, with a few times where we almost lost him yet again,and then the suicide attempt late last YR, but he’s still here; God saved him so many times so He must have a plan for him!! He’s gone thru alot of medical issues and has put me thru the most worry and fear of all the kids but has made it thru(we ALL have!) and now he’s finishing his last YR of highschool and  preparing for university(incl. getting ready for his SAT’s), and now a legal adult and old enough to vote! I can’t believe it’s been 18 YRS already though and  how fast time goes by…

Happy Birthday!! Hopefully your adulthood will be better than your childhood!!