Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

BMBday(newest) Today is Bob Marley’s birthday. He would have been 71 YRS old, 4 YRS younger than my mother, except that he died young, at just 36. Poor Bob. He lives on, however, thru his music, so he’s eternal. He’s a legend and will never be forgotten. He did alot in his short life and has left us with so many wonderful songs. He was a great talent and was taken much too soon.

BMBirthday Happy Birthday,Bob ‘ Mon!

As well, we had the van in for repairs yet *AGAIN*; it was in the shop for 2 days and had  something called a “strut” replaced( the only “Strut” I know is the Lenny Kravitz CD) and my hubby refused to tell me how much it cost; he just said, “Alot!!” which made me *really* nervous and scared because I know it’s more than we can afford! We have to get the security system re-done too as it’s not compatable with the new “Majic Jack” phone he had put in, so all these expenses that we just don’t have the $$$$ for! There’s also a dead squirrel beside our front door with some fur missing( does it have mange, perhaps?) and it looks so weird and gross!

The 12 YR old also informed me that she just realized that there are twice as many nipples in the world as people since everyone has 2 nipples, and the 21 YR old made me grovel and beg for a piece of his pizza, the 8 YR old was chosen to be a tester for a new addition of the “Minecraft” game he plays, and I was in the livingroom and had the TV on and my hubby walks in and just changes the channel on me because HE wanted to watch something! Typical of how he thinks what HE wants comes first and is more important and how he just disregards me and how I don’t matter. He’s such an asshole.