The Blessed Ganja Herb.

SmokeWeed I thought I would have gotten my medical marijuana license in the mail by now so I could legally order my “herb” online but I still haven’t yet and I ran out awhile ago( what I bought from my dealer and my hubby has since forbidden me to get) and I’ve had a headache for the past 5 days as the ganja has kept them at bay but now they’re back again so I need to get more, and like with any medication once you stop taking it the symptoms return! Ugh! I hope it comes SOON….

I also still have pain in my lower back on the right side so I wonder if it’s my appendix or what? They said the cyst on my kidney shouldn’t be causing any pain so what else could it BE? My hubby also told me he’s worried that the 12 YR old has Bipolar disorder like I do as she often has rages and freaks out over the slightest thing and has these mood swings but I told him she’s just a hormonal teen girl; it’s perfectly normal, and she started developing when she was 10!

It’s supposed to be REALLY freezing cold on the weekend as well: – 35 C and we’re even supposed to get “frost quakes” where ice in the frozen ground cracks apart resulting in a loud “Boom!” I remember hearing one last YR in the middle of the night and it was so loud it woke me up!