Valentine’s Day.

HippoVDay Today is Valentine’s Day. Do you know the origin of it? It’s named in honour of the real St. Valentine, a Bishop in ancient Rome who was martyred; the Emperor Claudius II had outlawed marriage as he wanted as many single men as possible for his army, but St. Valentine believed in love and wanted to preserve it so he still performed marriages in secret and when the Emperor found out he was beheaded.

I never liked Valentine’s Day. It’s always been a stinging reminder of the love and romance that I never had; how I never received valentines, how no guys were ever interested in me, how in highschool when roses were sent from the boys to the girls I would always hope every YR I’d get some but I never did….and how my bitch two-faced user “friend” would smirk and brag, “*I* got SIX! How many did YOU get?” knowing very well I never got any….until that one YR that I anonymously sent one to myself and had the card read, “From your Secret Admirer” so I wouldn’t look like such a loser, and she was soooo jealous and went around to all the boys, asking them who sent it. Even now I’m married I’ll still be lucky if I even just get a card….

Cupid(new) THIS is what *I* think of Valentine’s Day!

13Feb2016 As well, it’s soooo bone-chilling COLD that Buddy refused to go pee outside; even when I took him out 5 times(and froze my ass off!) he’d just lay there, shivering and crying but refused to go…he held it for a mind-boggling 21 HRS until he FINALLY went as he just wasn’t able to hold it any longer! It was so cold it felt like – 40 C! I’ve also been having my recurring dream I move back to our old Toronto house(I lived in from age 12 to 17) for the past 3 nights in a row and I wonder what it means, if it’s symbolic of anything or trying to “tell” me anything?

My hubby also asked why I bother watching the Toronto news as it’s “Not MY city”…but it’ll ALWAYS be my city…he just doesn’t “get” it, and I wish I could move back, and he scoffed as well that, “No one cares about YOUR opinion!” and that MY opinion doesn’t matter so I told him that HE’S a redneck and I don’t care about HIS opinion,either,and HIS opinion doesn’t matter, so we’re “even!”