National Hippo Appreciation Day.

Hooray Today is National Hippo Appreciation Day! I, of course, appreciate hippos EVERY day, not just on this one day, but it’s nice to know that these magnificent animals have their own day for *everyone* to appreciate them! The 12 YR old used to love hippos like I do as well but not so much anymore( she doesn’t like ANY of the things that she used to and I think that’s just sad) and it saddens me as it was one of our shared and common interests. I still love them though. Always will!

Love a hippo today!

Unloved C’est moi.

Yesterday for Valentine’s Day I got a funny card from my hubby and a box of chocolates. It’s also basically International Everybody Gets Laid Day and he rubbed up against me and was dry-humping me( it reminded me of when the dog humps my leg!) and I told him, “Let’s go for it and go ALL the way!” but he refused, saying I’d probably get prego, even though it’s extremely unlikely at MY age(49) plus I’m just finishing “Aunt Flow” so it’s still “safe”…..I felt so rejected and used.He doesn’t care as long as he got HIS “jollies”; he got what HE wanted and he didn’t care about ME! I can’t even be sexy or attractive even when I *TRY* and I can’t even get laid on Valentine’s Day! Even he’s not attracted to me! I figure it’s because I look like a big fat hippo and he doesn’t want to see me naked, but I guess I really can’t blame him; I wouldn’t want to see that,either, and it would be like f*cking a hippo, and as much as I like hippos I still wouldn’t want to f*ck one.

HippoVDay#2 Here’s a cute hippo Valentine from me to me.