My Good Samaritan.

GoodSamaritan You know how I’ve had a headache for the past 6 days in a row as I had run out of my “herbal medicine?” Well, I have a “Good Samaritan!” ….a kind, good, sweet, and thoughtful soul (who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons; like a reporter I will not reveal my sources)who was aware of my suffering and who gifted me with a gram of “herb” to ease my misery! Wasn’t that just the *NICEST* thing EVER? It was so unexpected and such a wonderful surprise, it just made my day! I literally squealed in delight! My hubby has forbidden me to buy any more from my dealer(so I have to just wait until my medical marijuana license comes thru and then I can buy it legally online from a licensed grower, but suffer the return of my migraines in the meantime) to which this dear sweet soul remarked, “F*ck HIM!”

Bud It came in “bud” form(as seen like in the photo here) wrapped up in cellophane tied with a twist tie, and when both my mother and my hubby went out I snuck off into the shed and “blazed” it…..

For the first time in a week I no longer have a headache.