Happy Birthday Buddy!!

DoxieBDay Today is Buddy’s birthday! He’s 10 YRS old, which is 70 in Dog Years! He’s an old man! For his special day I’ll fry him up some bacon( his second-fave. food; pepperoni is his fave.) and I got him a present: a really big rawhide chew bone! I hope he lives for many more birthdays and that I have him to love for many more YRS and the chances are good as Dachshunds can live to 15-17 YRS, so hopefully…..having him in my life has been the greatest blessing; he is the light in my life! Patti said she has a gift for him as well and wanted us to come by for a visit today except I’m going to the Chinese buffet with my mother( she had a craving) and I’ve also been spending all my free time lately binge-watching a TV show catching up on all the episodes!

There was also a sale on floor wood so the 14 and 18 YR olds now have new floors in their bedrooms, and I learned something new: I was looking into making pot brownies(I posted a recipe on this blog in case anyone’s interested) and I just thought you measured out the ground up weed and tossed it in the batter, like how you would with spices, say, like with oregano or something in a recipe, but you actually have to extract the THC in either oil or butter FIRST and only *then* add it to the recipe which I didn’t realize at first. Who knew?

I’m disgusted as well to hear US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump says if he’s elected he wants to ban Muslims from immigrating, deport immigrants,and built a wall between USA and Mexico( to prevent Mexicans from crossing over) and charge Mexico for it! What a colossal asshole! I *USED* to like him before, in the beginning, because he says it like it is and isn’t Politically Correct, but now I found out that he’s RACIST it’s just turned me right off and now that I know he’s a bigot I can’t stand the guy!!