Not Average.

AverageHippo I remember this song that goes something like, “We’re just ordinary average guys, with ordinary average lives….” and it got me thinking: I’m just ordinary, average, nothing special; I’ll never be successful at anything, they’ll never name anything after me, no one admires me or looks up to me, I’ll never be anyone’s hero, they’ll never write a book or make a movie about my life,there’s nothing special or unique about me; I’m just a regular, average boring person. ….but THEN I got thinking: it’s really NOT so “average” to have 11 kids nowadays, it’s NOT so “average” to homeschool your kids, and it’s certainly NOT “average” to have endured all the misfortunes, trials, and bad luck that I have in my life, and it’s NOT “average” to have all the medical issues that I have,either… all in all…..I guess I’m actually NOT average and ordinary afterall. I AM “unique”. I am individual.

I am me. Just the way God made me.

2 of my cousins also told me that I’ve “always been beautiful no matter what the REST of my family says” and to “NOT let them convince me otherwise.” That really touched me, and they obviously must mean on the *inside* but I thought it was really inspiring and a really nice thing for them to say. Maybe they “see” me as “beautiful” though because they see me as God sees me, and not by looks, but by what kind of person I am?

BDayB2016 This is also the birthday card Patti made for Buddy. Isn’t it hilarious? It’s really him,too, and not just some random Dachshund. The 14 YR old also had a friend over and her name’s the SAME as one of the cruise lines we’ve taken so I wonder if she was conceived on that cruise and they named her after it? She also said that the 16 YR old “only hangs out with pretty people and doesn’t like ugly or fat people” which I think is horrible, shallow,and mean, and I guess she doesn’t like ME then,either, and one of her friends also saw the 21 YR old and said, “Ohhh, he’s CUTE!” but I bet she was thinking to herself, “Ewww, that’s my brother!”