Paw Prints.

PawPrint#1 I noticed these really BIG paw prints imprinted in the snow in the back yard the size of my hand. They started below one of the trees and went under a bush and I also saw more of them on the back porch. They are waaay too big to be a squirrel or raccoon, so I’m wondering if they might even be from a bear or a mountain lion or something, even though bears should be hibernating this time of YR. What other kind of animal would leave tracks that BIG? When you look really closely you can also see the long claw marks as well. I just hope that *whatever* it IS that it doesn’t attack Buddy when he goes out the back to go pee! It’s a scary thought of what might be lurking in our yard….

As well, the 12 and 14 YR olds won a free professional portrait so they went to the photo studio and had it taken and it should be ready in about 2-3 weeks, and they got Buddy this girly gay PINK dog T-shirt that said “Diva” in rhinestones too and the poor dog hates it and is so embarrassed to show his face in public now! I also convinced the 8 YR old that when my mother went and got her hair cut that she got a tattoo on her ass and a tongue piercing,too, ha,ha!

I also e-mailed the medical marijuana clinic as I still haven’t received my license yet and they said that I should have heard from the grower by now but I haven’t either so they said that they’ll resend my prescription to the licensed producer/grower and that I should be hearing from them in a couple of days and my license will arrive with my first order, which I order online after they e-mail me my own password and special code and then I can order my “herb” which generally arrives 3 days or so after I order….