My Hippos!

MyHippos My hippos( my late birthday gift!) *FINALLY* came from Russia ….and here they are! They’re made of a mix of ivory and some other kind of stone. I love it!!I was worried it would never come and every day I would wait and hope, hoping it would come each day..wait,and wait…and finally! I originally gave my hubby a choice of 3 but to NOT tell me which one he picked so I’d have a surprise and he made the right choice; I’m very happy with it!

I also had a dream where I was a kid and I was crying and when someone asked me why I was crying I replied because I know what I look like when I grow up and that I’ll never be pretty,and I had another dream as well that I bilocated(and when I woke up I said, “This is REAL!!”); that is, I was physically in 2 places at once, like how it feels like I do when I’m “tripping” on weed; it feels like I “disconnect” and “separate” from my body like there’s “two” of me,and feels like I’m “floating.” My mother was talking on the phone to her friend as well and said to her, “Do you want to hear something hilarious?” and told her how I smoke pot for my migraines and they had a good laugh over it, thinking it’s funny how I never smoked pot as a teen but I do now.

I had always wondered as well when I’m “high” if *other* people can tell or if I’m just aware of it and I was told that they CAN; that I was staring off into space, looking intently at something and going, “Wow!” and that I talk alot slower than normal and that I get really interested in things, more than I usually do.That’s like when I first started “Aunt Flow” or when I lost my virginity,too; I wondered if other people could notice; if they could tell by looking; if I looked any different…

I also saw somewhere this thought that what if the *real* reason pot is illegal is that The Powers That Be somehow have the air we breathe “poisoned”/drugged so that we’re actually under an “illusion” so that we’re not really aware of what’s really going on and when we smoke weed it “clears” and “opens” our mind so that we CAN see clearly and see “thru” it and they don’t want that….just like Bob Marley once said:

“When you smoke ‘herb’ it reveals you to yourself.”