Do Whatever You Want Day.

Dowhatever#1 Today is Do Whatever You Want Day. We have it every 4 YRS, on February 29, every Leap YR. It’s a special day for the kids where the rules are “suspended” and they can basically do whatever they want and let loose, be free, have fun, and go wild, with the only exceptions: they can’t hurt anyone or ruin anything.

Dowhatever#2 Anything goes: things they would normally get in trouble for they are allowed to do today and get away with and not get punished. Total freedom. A day of reckless abandon. They can eat chips and candy in front of my hubby. They can swear.They can call eachother names. They can be rude.They can go around the house naked if they want.They can have ice cream for all their meals if they so choose.They can sleep in as late as they want.They don’t have to do school work. They can spend all day at the computer, playing video games, or watching TV if they want.The possibilities are endless….

As well, my hubby had to work yesterday(from home) so he couldn’t drive me to church and I had to walk and with my breathing problem I was soooo out of breath, and my mother snickered that I spend more $$$ on magazines(reading is my only pleasure I get all week) a week than I do tithing but tithing is a percentage of your income; it’s 10%,and I told her that at least *I* DO tithing and GO to church, unlike HER; she doesn’t even bother,so what can SHE say? They’re also switching our satellite TV so that we get a basic package and then each additional channel is extra; no more “bundles” and she sneered for me to “just download” MY shows yet she said she’s paying the extra for all these channels so SHE can watch HER  shows (and she watches alot more than me!)and when I told her to download her stupid shows,TOO she went ape-shit on me, but what’s the difference? It’s ok for me but not for her?

4 keys were also broken on my computer keyboard; “a”, “s”, “g” and “u” so I popped the keys off and I blew on it, cleaned it with a Q-Tip, and lifted it up and shook it and they finally worked but it would have been really hard to type anything without the use of 4 keys, esp. without the “a”, and I took a geography test online that they said 96% people fail and only 4% pass and I passed but geography always was one of my best subjects though; that, and history and languages.