Flashback Friday.

Gus Yesterday was my father-in-law’s birthday. He’s now 83. Here is a photo of him in his younger days. Two of my hubby’s brothers posted old photos on their Facebook pages and I have put them up on here for the kids to see. It was fun for them( and me) to try and guess which one was my hubby when he was younger!

MFamilyKids Here is my hubby’s family in the early 1970’s.At first I thought his sister was a dude with long hair;you know, a hippie( remember the time period here); I thought his mother was one of the kids! We ALL guessed wrong which one my hubby was! His parents are at the back, his oldest brothers on the left, his sister at the front in the middle, my hubby at the back on the right (with the stripes on his shirt)and his youngest brother at the front, far right.

DaveMikeJoey Here is another of my hubby and 2 of his brothers; an older brother on the left in the suit, youngest brother in the middle( that’s pretty obvious) who’s now my age, and my hubby on the right. This is actually the *FIRST* time me or any of us have EVER seen what he looked like as a kid as he never had ANY old photos of himself from his childhood or teen YRS which I always found to be odd; I mean, all parents take endless photos of their kids, and his brothers had the pictures….so why did he never have or keep any of them? Everyone has photos of themselves as kids, right?

As well, I am sad to learn another Facebook friend of mine has cancer: she just found out recently she has stage 4 ovarian and lung cancer and they aren’t able to do surgery( but she’s getting chemo) but the odds aren’t very good and she’s just in her 50’s. My hubby also said that since Easter chocolate costs so much( close to 10$ each) and we can’t afford it that we won’t be getting ours until AFTER Easter when it’s reduced and on sale half-price and if I want mine ON Easter that I have to buy it myself! I feel gypped that he’s ripping us off for Easter, and with OUR “luck” by the time we go after Easter everything will probably be all gone and we’ll end up with NOTHING….