Cheerleaders  We went to watch the 14 YR practice her cheerleading routine for her competition tomorrow. There are 7 girls on her squad and their uniforms are black,blue,and orange. Normally I wouldn’t even let her do cheerleading because of the image of the typical cheerleader as being slutty(and it was even hard for me to find an image to use with this post of cheerleaders who weren’t slutty with mini skirts and belly-baring tops) but she found a team that’s specially geared to young girls and modesty where their uniform is a long sleeve and shorts; nothing revealing, low-cut, or slutty in any way.Of course my hubby, the 18, 16,and 12 YR olds hardly even watched them practice; they spent most of the time fiddling on their iPods or phones!

We had to take our boots off and leave them at the entrance and I was worried as I was wearing my expensive Ugg boots and I was worried the whole time that someone would steal them, plus I didn’t know ahead of time we’d have to take off our boots and both my socks had BIG holes in them and my heels were sticking out and I was soooo embarrassed! The spring-board mats also reminded me of when I used to take gymnastics when I was younger and brought back fond memories,and their routine had a few basic gymnastic moves as well, and in the van on the way there and back I was rocking out to the heavy metal music the 16 and 18 YR olds had playing but my hubby, in true old man fashion, hated it and was complaining about the “loud music where you can’t hear the words.” ha,ha.

My hubby also was surprised that I went to watch, scoffing I” never go anywhere” and I told him, “I DO; I’m just selective!” and I’M the one who’s travelled to 35 countries and HE’S only been to ONE foreign country(USA) and he says *I’M* the one who never goes anywhere? I felt panicky with the other parents there though and like I didn’t fit in or really belong there, an outsider as usual, like they’re all part of the group and I’m not, and it felt like they were all staring at me,too, but I don’t know if they really were or not or if it was just my anxiety again.