Ugly Food.

UglyFood Now some of the grocery stores have this great idea of selling off imperfect or rejected “ugly” produce for 30% off to consumers that they would have previously discarded and I think it’s a great idea: it avoids waste and it saves money. There’s nothing *wrong* with it; it’s not bad or rotten in any way, just mis-shapen, malformed or blemished, but it’s perfectly fine otherwise and safe to eat,and when you cut it up for soup, salad, or whatever, you’d never know the difference,anyway. Of course they don’t actually market it as “Ugly” but have creative names for it such as “Inglorious”, “Naturally Imperfect”, “Produce With Personality”, etc. but in actual fact it’s formerly what would have been deformed rejected produce.

The 12 YR old has always purposely chosen the “defective””retarded”(as she calls it) stuff as she feels “sorry” for it being rejected (and that’s an empathetic trait I have always admired in her) so it doesn’t feel unwanted and left out, and I have always felt like the discarded rejected “Ugly” produce that no one wants and tosses aside, a second-rate product with blemishes, imperfections,and unpleasant to look at, not good enough or measuring up to “standard.”

Running I also came across this photo from “Ted” and I love it. It’s soooo me!(note:he’s also carrying a BONG) and guess what? The 14 YR old’s cheerleading squad came in Second place in their competition! The 16 YR old said she knows LOTS of pregnant girls as well and I’m not surprised with all the rednecks in this raggedy-ass town and their goal in life is to be teen moms and in fact, this area has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the entire province.Oh, the “pride” of trailer trash! Patti also has solar panels on her roof now, and when I commented that Donald Trump looks like an Oooma-Loompa with his bad fake orange spray tan the 12 YR old said that Obama is USA’s first Black President and if Trump is elected that he’ll be their first ORANGE President and I just about *died* laughing! He’s such an ass-clown too no other world leaders will even take him seriously though, and the whole thing is just a farce! Is he for REAL?