Ganja Man.

Rastaman I FINALLY heard from the licensed marijuana producer! They phoned me and said my license was approved(for my migraines) and I was able to place my first order! They confirmed the doctor prescribed a gram a day and said I could order UP to that but could do less but no more but that the minimum order was 15 grams. They said to specifically treat the pain geared to migraines the “Blue” strain with a THC of 8% and CBD of 11%(the highest they sell is 19% THC and 11% CBD) is recommended and standard; that it’s been cultivated for that purpose and will *also* help with my depression and anxiety and help me sleep,too! It’s 9.60$ a gram(plus tax) and I ordered 15 grams for a total of something like 140$ as it’s expensive and I can hardly even afford that, let alone more than that, and I HAD been using a gram a WEEK so if I keep up the same(and medical-grade I assume will be better quality and more potent too so it should take less to get the desired results)for migraine prevention this will last me for 15 weeks which is just under 4 months….

They said it should arrive by courier in just a DAY(talk about FAST!!) and will definitely be the oddest thing I’d ever have had delivered by Purolator easily! When I informed my hubby it had been approved and I’d made my order he gruffed, with hostility in his voice, “Don’t know, don’t care!” even though it WAS *his* idea( that I go thru legal channels) and I DID it for HIM(I was content getting it from the dealer) to make HIM happy and to get him off my back, and could have saved myself all the time, money,and paperwork…and he snapped he “doesn’t want to smell it” as it “reeks” so I have to go out into the shed to smoke up( my “Smoke Shack”) even though HIS shits reek far *worse* than my weed ever does….I should make HIM go out and SHIT in the shed,TOO, so HE doesn’t stink up the house,either! He’s a sad, sad little man.