Kali Weed.

Ganja(new) Mi ganja came! It came in a big plastic bottle(seen in the photo here), like vitamins! I thought the odour would permeate thru but surprisingly there isn’t much aroma at ALL, and, in fact, it doesn’t have that strong pungent tell-tale skunk-like smell like the typical “street weed” does but rather has a light sweet smell, a bit more floral-like and when you look closely at the “nubs” they have a light purple/lilac tinge to them and a white hazy “fuzz.” I think they must be what they refer to as “Blue Dream” on the street, although a higher quality, what the 18 YR old said is called “dank” marijuana; a high-grade strain for medical use, and he said that if it’s “the Good Stuff” that it shouldn’t really *have* a strong overpowering stench, so I guess it’s sort of like fish, like how if fish is fresh it doesn’t really reek.

So of course I was eager to try out my new product,and opening it up I was alike an excited kid on Christmas! It even came with peel-off,stick-on labels with my name and prescription on it like you’d get at the drug store and my medical marijuana license came with it as well. I had a few good bong “rips” also using my new bong and I felt a slight “buzz”; my chin and throat felt “heavy” and the branches on the trees( it was a mild and balmy 10 C and I was sitting outside) looked fascinating and I was aware that I was keenly interested in them and kept staring at them in every detail and then it appeared that the trees were swaying and “dancing” and I also felt light-headed, “woozy” and a bit dizzy, like how you do in the hospital after surgery and they have you doped-up on pain meds. I find that for me anyway I get “high” about 50% of the time and am more likely to GET “high” off the bong(and have a better “high”) than with joints. I notice as well a common factor when I’m “high” is  it comes in “waves” and I “float”along on rainbows, hearts, music notes,and clouds,and I often “see” hippos; I guess things that I like and find peaceful and relaxing?

Buddy also caught a mouse in the kitchen and my mother yelled at him but it’s a good thing, and besides, Dachshunds ARE hunters and it’s in his DNA!