Rolling J’s.

RollingJ's(new) I rolled up 12 joints today! It was a tedious job and took quite a long time to do and now my back is *KILLING* me from sitting all hunched over! I don’t have a proper grinder to grind up and squish up the marijuana buds into flakes so I just improvised and used a soup can and used that to make them smaller and removed the stems although it’s good quality medical grade so there weren’t many stems luckily. It took roughly half my stash for the joints and the rest I saved for the bong. I do both as I like variety; it keeps things interesting. I put the picture up on Facebook and my brother-in-law snarked, “It looks like you need practice!” but I’ve never rolled joints before and like anything else it will get better over time,and besides, they’re functional, and that’s all that really matters anyway! My friend I( from grade 8) also said that you can make tea from it; that you don’t have to smoke it, except that I don’t like tea and I LIKE smoking and I find it pleasurable and relaxing and it helps calm my nerves.

I never would have thought I’d EVER be doing this, and with all the ganja spread out in a giant heap on the coffee table(I did it in the morning before the kids got up) I felt like a drug lord and my mother complained she could still smell it even though it’s only a slight marijuana smell and not the strong “skunky” smell like my old ones, and when I asked her if she wants to see how to roll a joint she scowled, “I DON’T want to know *anything* ABOUT it! I don’t want to see, hear, or know about it!” It’s funny too sometimes when I get “high” I can even see hippos flatten out and expand across the universe…

As well, it was a glorious 15 C yesterday and I was outside with Buddy again, and when I got up in the morning my hubby was gone and so was the van and I didn’t know where he was or where he’d went(it turned out he was in Toronto for work) and at first for a moment there I’d actually thought he’d LEFT for good,and I had mixed emotions, both feelings of relief AND panic, sort of like how someone taken hostage has the “Stockholm Syndrome”, hating their captors but depending on them for survival, and when I had my bath there was a creepy photo of him leering,too,( I’d thought he’d put there but was actually the 18 YR old that did it) so he could peek at me naked in the tub(because he’ll often come in and do just that) so I wrote “Perv” on his forehead with nail polish( the only thing I could find in the bathroom to write with!) and it felt creepy and unnerving having a pair of eyes watching me have a bath, even if it was just a photo,and some of the KIDS have a shower there as well, the shower on the top floor leaks thru to the floor below and they don’t like to use the shower on the main floor for some reason so they use the one on the second floor.