Retirement The 8 YR old( who’s doing grade 6 because he’s this little genius) has now finished his school workbooks with me for the YR(he just has math with my hubby left now) so for all intent and purpose after 25 YRS of homeschooling( I started when I taught the oldest to read when he was 2 YRS old) I have finally retired! Once the kids reach grade 7 they are independent learners, that is to say, that they are old enough to do their lessons on their own and I no longer have to sit beside them and supervise, guide them, teach them, over-see and mark the school work, although I am always still here for guidance,questions,help, and consultation if needed but by that age they are old enough to basically be working on their own, to prepare for high school ,so my work is essentially done now!

I’m officially retired!

I can’t believe it! I’m finally retired, and 25 YRS ,that’s an entire career, although in my case I never got paid, never got a retirement party, never got the gold watch, and don’t even get a pension. I don’t even get any acknowledgement even though homeschooling isn’t an easy job( and it is a thankless one!) or something I enjoy( it was a gruelling chore, actually, but I did it as it was best for the kids) and I taught all the kids to read and write ,and taught language, science, math(  in the early grades and then my hubby took over) history, geography, and Bible. As they get older they also have French. I’ve been teaching a little over half my LIFE….no *wonder* I’m burned-out! I wouldn’t trade it though; I know what they teach in the public schools and the violence,bullying, and indoctrination that goes on there and there’s NO WAY I’d ever subject my kids to that!

As well, the 18 YR old quipped if I’M watching TV it’s ok to switch it over to something else( if someone else wants to watch something) which pretty much sums up the way my family feels about me , dismisses, devalues,and treats me, and the 16, 14, and even 12 YR olds were all saying how guys have asked them out and “cat-called” them and they’ve received unwanted advances but I guess the “good” thing about being me( and being ugly) is that I never had to worry about being hit-on by creeps because I’ve never BEEN hit-on, PERIOD, by anyone!