YoYo Now the 14 and 18 YR olds are into doing tricks with yo-yos. They claim to be “Yo-yo connoisseurs ” and competing over who’s better and more skilled at it. I think the 18 YR old is but they can both do various tricks such as “Walk the dog”, “Around the World”, “The Cradle”, etc. My hubby can as well and like anything he knows how to do acts like he’s an expert, just like he also does for juggling, chess, etc.The 18 YR old whacked himself hard with the yo-yo as well so hard  I even heard the loud “thwack!” noise and from where I was sitting it looked like he got bonked in the head and then just 10 minutes later he went up to bed and fell asleep, worrying me he had a head injury so I went to rouse him to check and see if he was unconscious and I wanted to check his pupils to see if they were uneven or not( a sign of head injury from pressure on the brain if you have swelling or bleeding) and he told me to “Go fuck off!” so he was ok and then later he’d told me it was his nose that got hit, not his head afterall.

It was sooo foggy yesterday as well when I was out walking Buddy I couldn’t even see anything at the end of the street, and my friend P (from grade 6) and her boyfriend went to Costa Rica to celebrate her birthday( lucky!!)  my mother found us a new TV show to binge-watch now,too: “The Blacklist”, and my fluid retention’s getting SO bad now I’m gaining a pound a WEEK! Shit!