March Break!

MarchBreak Today starts March Break where the kids have a week off school! Of course it’s supposed to RAIN most of the week even though the temps are going to be mild, but 3 of the kids will be away on a trip to Connecticut with their Cadets group. The 14 YR old used to be in Cadets but she didn’t like it and quit just after Christmas so she’s not going on the trip, so her, the 8 YR old,and the 21 YR old are still here but the others will be gone for the week so it’ll be a bit quieter at home(so a break for me,too!) and my mother also hopes that we’ll save some $$$$ on food with less people here to eat,too.

The 12 YR old also said she doesn’t like the 16 YR old’s best friend; that she’s “annoying and bratty” and she has this annoying habit of just walking into our house without knocking, or as the 12 YR old puts it, “Just walking in like she owns the place” and I have to admit I was taken aback by it as well and find it rude and bad manners,and it reminds me of Patti complaining about a certain neighbour of hers who does the same thing; she just walks in her house without knocking and she’ll come downstairs and just find this woman sitting in her kitchen uninvited!(I told her she should just lock the door) She told me that *I* can just come in without knocking as I’m “like her sister” but I still don’t do it; I think it ‘s rude and I’d feel uncomfortable doing that; I still always knock first and don’t come in until I hear her say, “Come on in!”

In church yesterday it was all festooned with decorations for St. Patrick’s Day as well, and I found out  how my Facebook friend died recently,too; the coroner found that she’d had a massive heart-attack due to a blood clot. At least she died in her sleep though so that’s the way to go(that’s how my uncle,died, too, a heart-attack in his sleep) and the way I hope *I* die,too….

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