Mormon Temples.


I don’t know if I ever mentioned it or not, but awhile before we left Ottawa, and for a total of about 3 YRS, we had left the Catholic Church for various reasons and had become Mormons for awhile. I have cousins that are LDS( “Mormons”, or “Latter-Day Saints”) and I was curious and one thing led to another and I really liked their pro-family and strong morals and the kids and I were re-baptized into the LDS church….but once I reached “higher standing” and was able to attend the Temple things went downhill from there….

Let me tell you why.

In the beginning they don’t tell you the really *WEIRD* stuff. If they DID then I am convinced that no one would ever convert as it’s just plain bizarre, like Scientology bizarre. It sounds so positive at first, and I want to be clear here, I am in NO WAY “bashing” Mormons or attacking them or their faith; they are good, decent, upstanding moral people and I still believe that. I’m just saying what *I* thought about the Temple, my experience there, and what made me leave. I don’t have any regret as my time as a Mormon, either, as I learned so much, met many interesting people,and made so many good friends and I have always studied,and been curious about, other religions.

For one thing, they baptize by “proxy” for the dead! Living people are fully immersed in a “proxy” “baptism” taking the “place” of someone who is dead, even people of other faiths, under the presumption that if they were still alive and were aware of the LDS faith that they would want to be baptized in it as it’s the only “True” Salvation. Once I got my Temple Recommend( an official card comparable to a license that the Bishop gives after an interview and an audit that you are, indeed, paying a full tithe and meet the moral obligations of the church, basically qualify as an upstanding cookie-cutter “perfect” Mormon) I was off to the Temple in Toronto for my initiation…..

I was stripped down and given “holy” undergarments to wear which had Masonic symbols on them otherwise just looked like a white T-shirt and white knee-length shorts. I also wore a white uniform on top of that and a funny hat and apron that made me look like a baker or chef. I looked ridiculous and I felt like an idiot. I was blessed and annointed.. I then sat thru a movie of some sort about Adam and Eve and Original Sin and proceeded to be given a “secret” name I supposedly needed to enter Heaven and was shown secret handshakes and passwords that originated in Freemasonry. They said you’re supposed to “feel the Spirit” in the Temple but I never did; it just felt freaky and weird and I felt very uncomfortable and uneasy. They also annoint missionaries there, marry couples, and “seal” families for all eternity in special ceremonies. It’s all a bunch of secret rituals and mumbo-jumbo that they call “sacred” but in actual fact is just taken from the Mason’s rituals as founder Joseph Smith was a Freemason and likely keep secret as if it got out people would see how weird it really is.

So they build you up that the Temple is this amazing mystical, sacred experience and you’re honoured to have achieved that level of enlightenment and here I was just totally freaked out by the entire thing and wondered how on Earth these people REALLY believed such things. Then now once I was “in” and in this “deep” they started teaching me the weird stuff they’d keep hidden up until now: how God was once a “man” and how WE can become “gods”(which I found to be blasphemous) and rule over our own planets which we can inhabit with our own “Spirit children”, and there are “many Heavens” where men have more than one wife( Polygamy is allowed,apparantly, in the Afterlife!), God has a “Wife”, Jesus and Satan are “brothers”,God has a physical body with flesh and bones, Jesus and Adam are the same person, etc…. it was all just too bizarre and I didn’t want my kids being taught such obvious falsehoods, plus I was in Europe and being back with my roots and touring the cathedrals of Europe and connecting with my ancestry made me miss the Catholic Church, so we ended up going back.

So, for all those of you who ever wondered what Mormonism, or the secret Mormon Temples were all about, now you know!