My Shoes.

MyShoes(new) These are my new shoes I bought! They match perfectly with my fancy floral dress! I thought at first I would be getting them in high-heels(I didn’t know that they also came in flats) but the high-heels were sold out and then I saw they had flats….and the LAST PAIR and IN MY SIZE too which NEVER happens(obviously a “sign” I was meant to buy them!!) and it ended up working out even better this way as I prefer flats anyway,and I don’t really walk well in high-heels(I look something like a newborn giraffe trying out it’s new legs just learning how to walk) and I never could pass of the “sexy” look anyway,and flats are better for your feet. I’m very happy with them, and even better: I got them on sale,too: less than half price! They were supposed to be 44.99$ but were 19.99$ but I had a coupon and ended up only paying 18$! My hubby snarked “Another pair of shoes you’ll only end up wearing ONCE!” I told him to go f*ck himself.

I also found 2 *veins* in the tin of moist dog food when I opened it out(yeeecch!) making me wonder what’s also hidden in OUR food that we don’t know about, and smart Buddy knows how to turn on the electric blanket,too,and when he’s cold he’ll jump on the button to turn it on and then crawl under the blanket to get warm! What a smart little bugger! When I was watching TV “high” it looked like it was in 3-D as well, like how when you watch a 3-D movie wearing the 3-D glasses,and when I asked my mother if she’d watched one of her shows she’d recorded yet and she said she didn’t know I said, “How can you NOT know if you watched your show or not? Either you watched it or you didn’t….” and then she goes all bat-shit crazy on me and raged, “You don’t know WHAT I know and what I don’t know!!!” Geez…..well, excuuuuuse, ME!!

I also think what’s so shocking about Donald Trump’s popularity in the American Presidential election is that it exposes an ugly under-belly of racism, hatred, bigotry,and xenophobia in American society that until now people were unaware was so prevalent, and I tried to pre-set my blog to publish at a later time,too, but of course it didn’t work and I couldn’t cancel it or over-ride it and do it manually either and then my mother snarked, “I don’t know WHY you even TRY to do these things when you KNOW they never work for you!” Yeah…”thanks” for your “support!”

I got a mysterious notice from the post office as well I had to go down there for a letter they weren’t allowed to deliver here; I had to specifically go there to sign for and only I could go; someone else couldn’t pick it up for me and I had to bring gov’t ID and I wondered what it could possibly be; could it be a jury summons or something, or perhaps after all these YRS my enemy finally found us and it was a letter bomb? So I went down there and of course there was this HUGE line-up(my hubby said there never is a line-up but of course the ONE TIME I GO there’s like 10 people ahead of me, my typical “luck”) and I had to show my passport and proof of address AND sign for it, and I could tell by the clerk’s accent she was German,too, so I got to speak German, not something I normally get to do here in this hick-ass town……it turned out it was just from the medical marijuana clinic; it was my patient registration and patient ID number but I don’t know why they couldn’t have just delivered it to the house and had me sign for it here…..