Chinese Buffet.

ChineseFood For OUR March Break treat my mother and I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch but of course with OUR “luck” the one we wanted to go to was closed that day! We got there and the door was locked and they had a sign it was closed! Needless to say, I was furious, but luckily there was another one close-by and they had a buffet so we ended up going there instead and it was good! We hadn’t been there before but we liked it and they had the dishes that we like, incl. Shanghai noodles, beef with flat noodles, dumplings, etc. so it turned out ok, afterall!

We also donated our fusball table to the youth centre as we don’t even really use it and they were happy to have it, and I had these weird dreams last night too: one where I looked in the mirror at my profile and I looked like “Honey Boo-Boo’s” mother only with a thick greying beard(weird, I know) and another where these guys in their 20’s had this weird “game” where they’d lay down in the middle of the road and “challenge” cars to run “over” them but without actually running OVER them except missed with one guy and he got run over and I couldn’t watch and had to turn away….

It’s on my “Bucket List”as well to try a vibrator; I’ve never used one and I’m curious, and I haven’t been made love to in 8 YRS,either, and I do miss the physical contact and the human touch, and I have lots of secrets that even my own family doesn’t even know about(there’s alot about me they don’t know!), some that they won’t know until after I’m dead,and others they never will; that I’ll take to the grave.

I also felt compelled for some reason to check the old address of an old friend from highschool and was shocked to find out it’s public/gov’t/social housing! He had always given off the impression that he was rich, cultured, preppy, and upper-class; I never would have guessed he came from the ghetto,and my first response was, “You phony! Pretending to be something that you’re not to try to impress people!” but then I decided to look at it differently; perhaps he was *ashamed* and embarrassed where he came from and he “made” something of himself and rose above it and got out of it and made a success of himself( he ended up getting a university degree) and “bettered” himself, so that’s ADMIRABLE, don’t you think?