Palm Sunday.

PalmSunday We are going to commemorate the Passion of our Saviour; let us strive to prepare ourselves for it by great purity of heart…we shall see Him during this coming Holy Week, on the tree of the Cross, consumed with love for us,…opening His Heart to place us therein. – St. Jane Frances de Chantal.

You Sunk My Battleship!

Battleship The kids came back from their March Break week-long Cadets trip to USA. They went to Connecticut and Massachusetts. They did cool and interesting things such as go to a trapeeze/flying place, went in a real submarine, on a de-commissioned battleship and even spent overnight there! That’s not something that people normally do, unless, of course, you’re in the Navy! The 12 YR old said she only slept an HR all night though as the bunks were like shelves on the wall and hard, attached with chains and had no mattress; it was like a jail cell! She also said the variety stores in USA were “more ‘ghetto'” than here with  iron bars on the windows and doors, but they didn’t have to pay tax like we do here and prices are less so she got some neat souvenirs but the 16 and 18 YR olds came back sick with some virus…just in time for the *rest* of us to be sick over Easter and someone’s ALWAYS sick over holidays!

Despite the cool things they saw and did no one had fun as the officers made it it miserable by being repressive,Fascist, Gestapo-like, and on a power-trip. They were really unreasonable and wouldn’t even let the kids TALK, sing, or listen to music on the trip there or back(which is unreasonable, and anyone who has kids knows they can’t be expected to just sit there and be quiet the entire trip), and purposely separated friends, and even on the excursions they weren’t allowed to even talk, and were even told NOT to laugh or even smile, and were ordered NOT to wear or say anything political and the 12 YR old was banned from wearing her Obama hoodie! They were also disciplined ,demoted,and the 16 and 18 YR olds and one of their friends( who are Senior Cadets) were stripped of their duties for the slightest infractions, and the officers were bad-mouthing them in plain view, destroying their morale, demoralizing them, and basically punishing them every time they’d start to have fun.The 16 YR old was also ordered to always stay within 10 feet of one of the officers too and was yelled at when she “strayed” to go get a drink; she was like a dog on a leash and it was just pathetic.

It was brutal and it wasn’t right.

They all got together and discussed their displeasure and had a sort of a revolt, protest, and mutiny, like a mini-revolution as they aired their grievances against the injustice and oppression, with the vast majority of them vowing to quit and to lodge a formal complain to higher authorities once they return back home,and one officer even forcefully snatched an iPod out of a girl’s hand and it left her scared and trembling, afraid she was going to punch her! I am proud of the 16 and 18 YR olds for standing up to the oppressive officers and I have always taught my kids to fight injustice, unfairness, and oppression, and to stand up for those being steamrolled over. I hope the officers involved will be disciplined. It’s too bad what would have normally been a fun, interesting, and exciting trip away from home with their friends ended up so miserable because of some Fascists. I was hoping they’d have fun.