Jury Duty.

Jury Last week when I had to personally go down to the post office and sign for a letter and show ID the thought occurred that maybe it was a jury summons( as it turned out it wasn’t) and my first thought was if it WAS, what excuse could I come up with to get out of it, but then as I thought about it more my perspective started to change and I started to see it as an interesting and exciting opportunity and adventure! Now I’m basically “retired” from homeschooling I have the time for it and it would be interesting to be in a court room and sit on a jury, faced with evidence like how you see on those crime shows on TV…

It would also be a tremendous responsibility and burden though,too, and not one to be taken lightly as a person’s fate is in your hands and it would be done thoughtfully and prayerfully.I would want to be sure I made the right decision and came up with the correct verdict and wouldn’t want to make the tragic mistake of allowing a guilty person to go free, or even worse: convicting an innocent one! What if it were to be a really high-profile , interesting,and exciting case,too, like a murder case? It would be an amazing opportunity that not everyone gets to have.(My mother did once; when we lived in Ottawa she was on a jury for 1-2 weeks or so) Of course at the time I wouldn’t be able to discuss details of it with anyone or write about it on my blog but after it was over I still could and it would make for very interesting topics of conversation and blog posts!

So after it all, in the end I was even a bit sad and felt a twinge of disappointment to find out it wasn’t for jury duty afterall. My mother said she thought they randomly drew names from a list of home-owners, but I thought it came from either citizen’s income tax form info or voter registration info.It would certainly put a little bit of excitement into my dull, boring life though if I ever did get selected…

As well, I didn’t get my usual seat in church yesterday; someone else was sitting there,and my medications must be working as I *wasn’t* all riddled with severe anxiety,agitation, and panic welling up like I normally would have been at the change in routine( with my Asperger’s I get like that) I was just a bit “miffed” but I just sat one row ahead and shrugged it off….no big deal, but before it would have felt like the end of the world…

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