RF A sad update to my earlier blog post: Rob Ford died since I last posted. He was 46. That was fast.

Fly away, beautiful soul.

I also had this dream that felt so real I knew it was more of either a memory or a flashback that I was electrocuted in a bathtub and died and it was haunting and I can’t get it out of my head. A past-life, perhaps, or a premonition?

The Raccoon.

RaccoonOurTree We saw this HUGE raccoon by the pool so I went out to get a photo of it but once it saw me it took off and ran up the tree but if you look closely you can see it and you can see it’s ringed tail hanging down. It was a really BIG sucker, with a huge arse,and my guess is it’s a pregnant female. It’s odd though, it was out there around 5pm and they don’t usually come out until it’s dark and just to be safe I didn’t let Buddy out in the backyard in case it attacked him or something. The 18 YR old also lost his health card(AGAIN! He lost it last YR when he got back from camp,too!) when he got back from his Cadets trip; he says he gave it to my hubby but he insists he never did with both insisting the other lost it, but SOMEbody lost it either way so he’ll have to go and apply for a new one( and get a new photo) unless one of them finds it soon and he has a medical app’t in 2 more days….

HippoThinking While “trippin'” I also had this weird paranoid delusion or hallucination or whatever it was that a big computer controls everyone’s minds and thoughts and once you find out or tell anyone the truth then you die as it’s supposed to be a secret and at the time it seemed so real yet at the same time a part of me also rationally thought it was so preposturous that I HAD to be “high”(which I was) and it was just my mind playing tricks on me, and sometimes I wonder how much of it actually IS the weed at play and how much is my OWN mind due to my bi-polar disorder, and how the two might inter-act with eachother or whether it happens to other people when they’re high too. I also find weed “opens” and “clears” my mind and allows me to go “deeper” into a part of myself and my mind, on another “plane”, that’s normally “locked.”I go into another “realm”.

I also heard on the news former Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s cancer is no longer responding to chemo and he’s in Palliative care sedated for pain control surrounded by his family and my mother used to work at Palliative and I know what it is: it’s for patients who have under 3 months left to live and to keep them comfortable until the end comes. It’s so sad…poor Rob Ford…it won’t be long now…