Our Easter.

BSDinner For Easter yesterday we had our usual big dinner but my father-in-law wasn’t able to come as he’s sick and they’re being quarantined at the old folk’s home,and we have a virus going thru our house as well( and someone’s always sick over holidays!) that the now 9 YR old and 12 YR old are still getting over. One of the kids’ friends came as she would have been alone otherwise; she lives with her boyfriend but he was away visiting his family. We also had the 19 YR old( who’s away at university) sitting at the diningroom table via Skype, having the laptop sitting at her place-setting during dinner. The kids also had an egg hunt which they “redeemed” at the end for chocolate but my “genius” hubby had the final hiding place in the trailer and it got up to 14 C and it melted!

JC3 We didn’t dye Easter eggs this YR, mainly because we forgot, but also because we were too busy and didn’t have the time, and some of us are still sick. My mother got me a tiny dark chocolate Lindt bunny even though I’ve *NEVER* liked dark chocolate and it hurts my stomach, which she KNOWS, which I think is WHY she gave it to me in the first place, so I just traded it with the kids’ friend for an equal amount(100g) of her milk chocolate as she loves the dark and I prefer the milk chocolate so we were both happy and it was a fair trade.

JC4 I went to the Easter Vigil Mass( I had church 3 days in a row for Holy Week) early as I always like to go early to get into the right frame of mind for worship and to have time to pray and the kids go later….except they didn’t, and it ended 15 minutes early so rather than wait 15 min. for my hubby to come pick me up I walked( and was out of breath…bad idea) home instead and I caught the kids piling into the van in the driveway on the way to pick me up; they were going to pretend they had gone to church and were being picked up too…and he was helping them! I was furious and really disappointed in them! It was bad enough they didn’t go to church, but then to be deceitful and lie about it, that made it 10 times worse! They’re so despicable and that’s a new low, even for them, yet then they wonder WHY *I* think they suck….I like my family less and less all the time….

In church I also saw a baby around 4-5 months old and it reminded me of when the kids were babies and brought back happy memories; that was my fave, time and they were so sweet then, and I can’t believe that I actually went thru that 11 times, did that 11 times, and raised 11 kids, and no matter what anyone says it really IS an accomplishment, and there was a little girl there too cuddling her mother and it made me think about the 12 YR old when she was little,too,when she used to like to cuddle with me, and when she used to love me. I really miss those times….