“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupMarch2016 Catching up:

  • I want to dye my hair purple.
  • My mother and hubby berated me again, “You NEVER do what you’re TOLD!” but I told them I’m NOT one of the kids ; I’m an adult,and I DON’T have to do what THEY tell me!
  •  I heard somewhere that tattoos are expressions of your inner pain, and if so, that would explain why I have so many. I have 12 or 13; I ‘ve lost count…
  • I had a nightmare Buddy was missing for a week and it woke me up scared but when I felt him snuggled up beside me in bed I realized it was just a dream and he was ok and I was so relieved.
  •  The 21 YR old’s friend in California’s graduating class is on a trip in Europe and she said on her flight over she saw Kanye West and that he’s this short little guy!
  • I had a dream that I had colon cancer, and another dream I was slow-dancing with a Jamaican guy and the way he looked at me and I was so in love with him it was like we were the only ones in the room and it felt like we were the only ones in the world at that moment,and I wonder what it really would be like to be with someone that I loved and that loves me, and when my hubby and I had sex it was never a joining of 2 souls or a communion of spirits, but just a body function.
  • I have had imaginary lovers  ever since I was about 15.
  •  The 18 YR old, 16 YR old,and 12 YR old also have inherited my “gift” of being able to see things in dreams ahead of time before they happen, just like my grandmother also had. It must run in my side of the family…
  • The girls decorated their bedrooms and removed the Crucifixes and blessed palms , like they’re “erasing” every trace of Jesus from their rooms and their lives and it really hurts me and makes me sad.
  • Since I stopped Spironolactone my hair is growing  ever faster now than it used to; I guess making up for when it stopped growing while I was on the medication,which I stopped as I didn’t like the side-effects.