The Furnace.

Furnace Our furnace broke! It was really cold and when we checked the thermostat it said it was 60 F so we called the repairman and he came and he said a part had burned out so he replaced it….and it costs 700$…and we DO have sort of like an “insurance” coverage plan where we pay so much a YR and it covers service calls and repairs but apparantly there are different “levels” of plans and what they cover and he’s not sure if ours covers this or not and of course we couldn’t find our copy….oh,shit…we haven’t got 700$ otherwise, but we still needed to get the furnace fixed( we can’t freeze, esp. since it SNOWED last night!!) so we just charged it on the credit card and hope for the best. He said he’s going to check with the office and see. It was also smoky and smelled really bad in the house last night and we thought at the time it was something we were recharging but when we look back it must have been the faulty furnace part burning out…it’s good it didn’t cause a fire! We already had ONE fire at our old house 20 YRS ago, we certainly DON”T need *another* one!!

We also visited the 18 YR old in the hospital again and we bring him food every day; Paczki, pizza, rice, bread, Nutella, chocolate bars, cereal, chili, etc. and our fave. priest came and visited him as well, at my request, and our second-oldest was on a holiday in South Korea and she didn’t know how to turn off the sink tap and thought it was one of those that automatically turned off and she ended up flooding her hotel room!

I also went to Confession yesterday for Divine Mercy Sunday as an end to my Divine Mercy Novena and I  got the other priest that no one likes and I confessed my lustful thoughts and he gave me an Act of Contrition, 2 Our Father’s AND 2 Hail Mary’s! All that just for THOUGHTS, which are beyond my control; I’d hate to think what penance I’d get if I actually ACTED upon them and COMMITTED a sin! Man, is he ever harsh!